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Working WITH the client
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Dresden, ich liebe deinen Humor XD
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Engraved Wood and Resin Tables Glow With Maps of International Cities

Warsaw-based company Woo Design engraves aerial views of major international cities like New York, Paris, London, and Munich into wooden coffee tables left raw or filled with resin. The designs are built with three layers to give a complete view of each city, with specific segments that reveal its streets, building tops, and waterways. In several of the company’s designs the resin embedded in the table glows a bright blue or green, adding a luminous element to the table’s surface. Woo Design’s tables are currently available through their website and Etsy. You can follow along for more updated cities and designs on their Instagram.


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  • catchymemes: Morality Police in Iran tells a woman she’s not wearing hijab correctly. So the woman takes her hijab off completely.

  • emvampyre: Hope she’s still alive.

  • iranian-diaspora: These women are not morality police, they are regular civilians. This lie was spread by Masih Alinejad, who receives funding from Western media outlets which are controlled by anti-Iran politicians who advocate for war with and regime change in Iran.

  • iranian-diaspora: Here is another propagandist lie spread by Masih Alinejad. Again, she falsely labels the three women on the right as morality police, despite being fully aware of what morality police look like. These women are just regular civilians. Again, I do not agree with policing women for how they dress, and Iranian women should be free to dress how they want, but these lies are peak western-feminism, which appropriates misogyny in Iran to justify regime change wars for installing favorable puppet dictators, and imperialism.

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Iran: protests in Khoramshahr

from iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com (Jul. 14 2018):


On June 20th 2018, protests in Khoramshahr due to water shortages turned violent as Iran’s police forces shot at two ~protesters~.

I’ve seen both Shahi and MEK propagandist outlets on social media decontextualizing this, saying that Iran’s police forces shot at the crowd and killed two protestors.

If you look closely, you can see the two “protestors” are armed. It’s extremely difficult for civilians in Iran to attain guns, which is why it’s important to be critical of these reportings. The man shooting on the bike at the police gets shot, and his partner, instead of helping him, abandons him and takes the gun.


The people were armed (which is highly suspicious) and got shot at after shooting at the police. It’s safe to say the police shooting was provoked by terrorists. It’s likely that these ~protestors~ are affiliated with the MEK or considering this is in Khoramshahr, they could also be Arab separatists. Arab separatists have very little support, and this is not the majority belief of Iran’s Arab population.


Terrorists hijacking protests born from legitimate grievances and frustrations in order to instigate a regime change fueled by corrupt self-interests isn’t exactly an unfamiliar ploy (*cough* SYRIA..HELLO.. *cough). Pro-regime change puppets who are funded by war-mongering politicians who seek to imperialize the region (Masih Alinejad, shahi & MEK propagandists) circulating such propaganda isn’t unfamiliar either.

I’ve seen a lot of people on social media spreading these lies unknowingly, which just goes to show that they didn’t pay attention to what happened with Syria and Iraq because the exact same ploy is being used with Iran.

Regime change has very little support in Iran, even amongst the people protesting due to the crumbling economy because of ^^^this^^^ exact reason. What would be best for Iran right now would be to relieve the sanctions, but those were purposely re-imposed to instigate these protests, so they can again be hijacked by terrorists who will instigate a civil war.

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Well, what’s the crucial fact about Iran, which we should begin with, is that for the past 60 years, not a day has passed in which the U.S. has not been torturing Iranians. That’s 60 years, right now. It began with a military coup, which overthrew the parliamentary regime in 1953, installed the Shah, a brutal dictator. Amnesty International described him as one of the worst, most extreme torturers in the world, year after year.

When he was overthrown in 1979, the U.S. almost immediately turned to supporting Saddam Hussein in an assault against Iran, which killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians, used extensive use of chemical weapons. Of course, at the same time, Saddam attacked his Kurdish population with horrible chemical weapons attacks. The U.S. supported all of that. The Reagan administration even tried to—succeeded in preventing a censure of Iraq. The United States essentially won the war against Iran by its support for Iraq. It immediately—Saddam Hussein was a favorite of the Reagan and first Bush administration, to such an extent that George H.W. Bush, the first Bush, right after the war, in 1989, invited Iraqi nuclear engineers to the United States for advanced training in nuclear weapons production. That’s the country that had devastated Iran, horrifying attack and war. Right after that, Iran was subjected to harsh sanctions. And it continues right until this moment.

So we now have a 60-year record of torturing Iranians. We don’t pay attention to it, but you can be sure that they do, with good reason. That’s point number one.
— Noam Chomsky (via iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com)
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